#1 - Resistance Climbing

Review the basics of resistance training on the EndlessRope with a focus on torso and arm articulation.

#2 - Climbing for Strength

Review the basics of resistance training on the EndlessRope with a focus on torso and arm articulation.

#3 - Core Training

Climbing is truly a core exercise. Study the movement patterns of arch/hollow and left/right torque to activate and engage the entire pelvic girdle on the EndlessRope.

#4 - Upper Body Treadmill

The ultimate in scaling the climber. Focus on speed rather than load. Lighten up. Running on the EndlessRope is unique in that it allows the highest range of motion with the highest possible cadence.

#5 - Hand Training

This video speaks for itself with a focus on the fine motor skills of the hand for strength, speed, and endurance.

Maximum effort

The EndlessRope is an idea born out of necessity. Rope climbing tends to be pass/fail, you have it or you don’t. Being able to scale a rope climb is extremely valuable for novice and expert climbers alike.

Looking up a static rope the novice asks ‘how do I get there from here?’

Novice climbers have trouble getting off the ground. By scaling back resistance on the EndlessRope you are able to train alongside the fittest athletes and progressively improve without frustration and anxiety.

Fit athletes able to climb rope can be frustrated by a lack of challenging assents. Low ceilings often limit the height of climbing ropes and if you happen to find a rope capable of testing your limits, there is the liability of a fall. Even a short unbalanced drop can end in ankle, knee, or even back problems. With heavy resistance on the EndlessRope hundreds of feet can be pulled in a set preparing you for longer assents on static rope. It is the safest way to develop and mature your legless rope climbing skills.

Low strength to body weight ratio and liability of a fall. Climbing ropes are less and less common these days primarily for these two reasons. The EndlessRope eliminates the frustration of rope climbing and reduces liability to almost zero. As a scaled climber, the EndlessRope’s variable resistance allows the user to climb at their current strength capacity and develop the kinetic chains a static rope climb requires without their feet leaving the floor. With each workout the EndlessRope gets you closer to your goal of reaching the top.

But that’s just the beginning...

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